Tuesday, September 4, 2012

One day I'll post something relevant.

So about that Canadian weather eh?! ....we had snow in APRIL. ...APRIL. Well it was funny because it was April 1st ha ha ha......good one mother nature. GOOD ONE. Canadian weather in a nutshell. ...my brother makes these smoothies all the time. We tried to put more ingredient in it....the blender will never be the same. ps. but OMIGAWD. New Star Trek movie ajodijasodsaid SO EXCITE.
I...mistake inanimate objects for my cat. THERE WERE BUNNIES AT THE BOOK STORE. AHHHH There were a whole bunch of kids wanting to pet them.........and then there was me.....equally excited. BUT WHATEVER, I got to pet them AND THEY WERE SOFT. My brother. I've never seen another human being so agravated by an Iphone game before hahahaha The game is FunRun. Oh gawd. If you have an account add me (monionies)and we can race, sadly...this is what me and some co-workers do when there are no customers. HA HA HA We meet again tequila. WE MEET AGAIN. I don't know why we thought looking angry was looking 'sober' for the general public. LOL We do it everytime too ha ha ha uh Weird Lovely stuff my boyfriend does. .... he must never see these journals lmao sshhhhh-- ...he loves texting me/telling me these kinds of things. LOL OTL ...we play crazy eights and drink tea like old people. ...BUT I SWEAR TO GOD. Every time I'm ALMOST going to win I just get destroyed with pick up 2132 cards and miss a turn then I lose. ARGH. Why does--I can't--ARGHHHFAISODJ ..but no sparklers were to be found ): So it looked like this: (THE BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK IS COURTESY OF MEL. LMAO Look at that master piece on the cake. Looks just like him!!) I'm sorry anyone who gets close to me gets my curse of being late and impractical. LOL ....Homeless people hit on Jordan and I got nothing. WHAT IS THIS. LMAO (of course I'm kidding) ....it's like how the gay guy at starbucks gives him free coffee but not for me. SLIGHTLY CHEESED. I'M HANDSOME TOO. )": ಥ‿ಥ DAT GAP. POOPERS. I don't anymore---I-

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