Tuesday, November 10, 2015



Working on some new designs for a dress ;)


My very own mug design !

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Follow me on a journey!

<3 love

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Saturday, March 1, 2014



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Friday, December 6, 2013

And see all the colors in disguise.

 The books that I keep by my bed are full of your stories ♪ 
( ooh more lame drawings )
Take it away, I never had it anyway
Take it away and everything will be okay

In you a star is born and
You cut a perfect form and
Someone forever warm

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Still learning and growing

Late night doodle! Having people who've you've known for over 15 years is truly an amazing feeling. A special friend that has seen you grow and still wants the very best for you. These kinds friendships are worth nourishing and treasuring for the rest of your life. I am grateful.
My cousin is engaged! :D I am so happy for the both of them!

A tiger doodle :) enjoy

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

For humanityyyy!

Late night doodles! I post as I draw on facebook!
Thanks :)
It is public, you don't need a facebook to see my sketches!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones

My famiry :)

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BBC Sherlock

fan art ;)
I really like this show!

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sketches and facebook!

Holy moly.
I need to update this thing!!

For now my sketches and stuff go on my facebook page :<
Please like it to follow me! I appreciate the support my friends!

Sketch of my latest work. Thank you


Me and someone very special to my heart. <3 span="">

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hopeless Wanderer

I'm a hopeless wanderer and I will learn...
 I will learn to love the skies I'm under :)  
So when your hopes are on fire
 But you know your desire 
Don't hold a glass over the flame 
 Don't let your heart grow cold 
 I will call you by name 
I will share your road 
I see myself as being a wanderer ha ha Not meant to stay in the same place for very long.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

All I want is for you to be happy
 And take this moment to make you my family 
And finally you have found something perfect 
And finally you have found.....yourself.
So Valentine's Day was pretty amazing for me :) Now even if you're not in a relationship I hope you enjoy your day!! I've spent the past YEARS being single and I still celebrated with my friends and family. I was very happy being single and independent because I found a lot of things to smile about. I think it's important to be able to be by yourself and happy before getting into a relationship.
That being said, I'm happy when I'm with my boyfriend right now. Last night I was greeted with the most beautifully written card I've ever gotten in my life and a bouquet of flowers. :") Followed by a fancy dinner at a top rated hotel and a burlesque show. I was spoiled to bits :) These are from our trip to Venezuela. I totally forgot to post anything about that here!! 
my friends <3 font="">

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

In that moment, I was infinite.

We got so much snow yesterday!! Running through the snow today, I felt so happy and alive :D 
hijikata :)

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

One year

So woah! It's been a year since my past journal....oh jeez! I wonder if people still even read journals anymore? Seems like everyone likes quick posts one sentence statuses on tweeter or tumblr nowadays! Well, I'll still write one regardless x) So, where to even begin? So much has happened in the past year. I feel I'm still growing and realize, I have a long ways to go but I'm still on my two feet going somewhere! :) Some good news is, I teamed up with a wonderful team/company called Threyda! Please go visit them and if you can support!! I'm so happy to be able to be part of such a talented group of visionary artists and they go and support some causes that I'm very much for, including spiritual growth and compassion. Secondly, I did get a Society 6 Shop and DeviantArt Print Shop, where you can find my fan art prints and smaller (not as big as what Threyda offers) sizes of my originals! Anything I make now helps...since well I'm jobless. THE CHICKEN BUSINESS WENT DOWN MAN. IT'S ALL OVER. LOL Well actually they had to change locations and I couldn't work there anymore. I was sad because my boss was a kind man and it was a pleasure to be able to work under him and his family. I can only hope my next employer is like that! That's basically me ALL DAY ERR'DAY. LOL ....the amount of docs I've watched on Netflix hahaha Specially after discovering the American version. omg. It was glorious...my little Canadian mind was overwhelmed with videos. D': And since I spend more time at home...I spend more time with that damn remote. GOD DAMNIT. Technology is moving to fast for me. I know I'm going to be that old fart yelling at the TV going "BACK IN MY DAY" LOL Also, Luis is my brother's name. Speaking of my brother, here's a list of thing he's done recently. He really needs his own show...the things this kid does. I don't know anymore hahahah Is anyone else aware of the shadow people phenomena? D: Well my brother gladly made me aware...it's quiet terrifying. Sleep paralysis sounds horrible and he copes with it every night. He once told me that one of them wore a hat and stood at the edge of his bed. IDK MAN but I would pee my bed if I saw that hahahaha He really wants cowboy boots LOL (that's his girlfriend haha) My brother used almond milk instead of regular milk for Kraft Dinner. So if he can teach you anything....it's don't use almond milk for kraft dinner LOL Clearly. This is my nonno aka grandfather....yes, he actually said this. I will one day make a segment of "things my nonno says" because they're usually all golden tid bits like this one hahaha Another interesting person in my life...my mom. LOL That's the most accurate drawing of her of ALL TIME. haha And on the right is an example of notes that she leaves around the house haha .....yes those are cats on the bottom too  =_= lol They kind of do though. My boyfriend and all his gab teeth glory LOL :B ..he's....special........................:heart: hahahaha (his butt looks like two apples in a plastic bag. JUST thought everyone should know that LOL) AAANNNDDD I'm going to put out embarrassing things 8D  that's actually why I'm here. Yes, I actually did this. Ever walk underneath a lamp post and it turns off ?  I always feel like I have no soul when that happens hahaha okay, maybe it's just me. Canadian geese...........Canada's assholes D': They scare me.....unless they're babies then they just look like they have lemon shaped butts and that makes me laugh hahaha This is what I sound like when I describe the quality of my paper at conventions.........I really care about it but I end up sounding like a drug dealer LOLOL ______________________________________________
One last thing I feel I should talk about that is something that affected me so profoundly and still continues to do so to this day......is the death of my Mamie (aka grandmother). The one who raised me until I moved out at the age of 19 yet I still held strong holds and ties to her as I considered her my mother. She taught me so much about the world, including french and the importance of learning, travel and how to be respectful towards other people. I never really got to publicly talk about this since it happened on October 29th because I didn't know what to say or do. That month proved to be the hardest thing I've ever faced in my life. The pain was so great, it was hard to vocalize it without judging myself or being afraid of what others would think or sometimes I even felt bad that my pain was making others sad. But I was taught a valuable lesson on those days during the funeral....and that is seeing how truly empathic and compassion others are capable of being. I was surrounded by loved ones and even though we were all suffering, we were able to stay by each other and offer the warmest care to one and other by simply being there. I was happy to see my family, friends and boyfriend care so deeply for me and everyone around them. This is the strength that we carry and I think if Mamie could see that, she would be happy that we're together since she was always the one who brought the family together.
Anyways, grief is hard...very very hard, but it's a part of life and the show must go on. In the end, I am okay, I can laugh and smile again. There rare moments were I'll get a memory of her and I'll tear up a bit....but I'm finally okay with being able to grieve naturally which includes crying and feeling sad. Those are not negative things because it means you're still human which come with a rainbow of emotions and that in itself is beautiful. I will go now :D Those are things that needed to be said, even if no one reads it, that's okay! :heart: Thank you for being a supporter of my art, it's greatly appreciated! I'm glad you like what I can do and I'll continue to do so:star:

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