Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our hopes and expectations...

I'm listenning to so much music lately, it's quite inspiring! ha ha I'm drawing a lot more :D It's really really you!
Lemon trees on mercury!
I AM SO LAME. I KNOW. I KNOW ha ha ha [Starlight - Muse] this song, it's so cute and mushy >///>

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Monday, November 12, 2012

We can use some hope!

Well I lost my pride 
With this body of mine
 In another land
 I began to understand
 I got love for all your hate 
I got lost to find my way 
So be good with goodbye
 So be good with good byes 
Yeah :D  
It's been a while since I simply coloured something! bahaha

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where I go I just don't know...

I might end up somewhere in Mexiccoooooo~ OMG. This journal is so long over due D": LOL When was my last journal update? Summer? Jeez! I am terrible at this.
So hello everyone! :star: To my new watchers, I must warn you, I'm kind of a dork who post shit tons of ridiculous doodles in all my journals that document happennings in my life. :"D pleasestillwatchmeafter ha ha uh…..and feel free to comment since I reply to all my journal comments because I have no life like reading about silly things that happen to you.

I am sick and my co-workers are great LOLOL Well they've never seen my lion hair .___.
THIS WAS BASICALLY MY EXPERIENCE AT ROGERS YESTERDAY. LOL Everyone is so angry in was kind of funny. :"D For those who don't live in Canada, Rogers is the biggest wireless service, so anything to do with phones, tv, internet, etc. Not to say they're not ripping us all off, which they totally are ha ha But I don't take it out on the employees. If you work there or somewhere similar, I FEEL SO SORRY FOR YOU.
SO I went to Youmacon couple weeks ago! It was fantastic, thank you all who bought art from me!

YOU GGUYYYSSSS. And thanks a bunch Mike for the photos! And for pick us up and driving, you're the best! It was a real pleasure :) hahahaha Erin, you are our hero. She sat in between them and when they noticed they started laughing ahahahaha and so did we.

It's kind of like the same thing really. HAHAHAHA YES. Right! We also went to the zombie walk which was awesssommmeee!!! Now let's begin a new segment of weird things my boyfriend does (watch out for the shy ones maannn!! ha ha they're usually the more entertaining ones x") LOLLOL Oh he knew what he was getting into when he started dating a genius artist. THIS GOD DAMN OLIVE AT WORK LMAO. pfff-I'm still cool. BUT WHATEVZ ALL THE BLANKETS. we were casually talking and he made this weird sound with his teeth. I laughed for SO long hahahahaha I DON'T ANYMORE. and so my hate for mangos continues. I-i like cheese. and I'm going to die alone with 72 cats. In other news, my brother got a fish. T_T I don't understand he doesn't like cats but loves fish. WHY HA HA Oh yay, appearances from my brother again! This is his new saying. LOL whyamirelatedtothis. This happened when we were kids HAHAHA He hit a beach ball and it did the WEIRDEST THING we ever saw and broke the light hahahaha Thankfully, our grandmother didn't kills us. haha GOD DAMNIT RACHELLLLLL Well I've had so many changes happen within the pas year..again. haha Everything's always changing and I suppose I got use to accepting them with open arms and this is what really keeps me happy and excited for the future and about the present as well. My happiness lies within me and wherever I decide to make a home. I realized that I'm actually a very family-oriented person…and my family includes the company I keep. I consider them all my family and it's where I am most happy. I've traveled quite a bit and I plan on much more, but I know I want to always come back to my loved ones :") or bring them with me lmfao! And this goes for you too, dear readers and supporters. My DA family that has pushed me to keep improving and drawing with all your wonderful and heart felt comments! :) It's what motivates me the most<3 Thank you. :star: AHHH OK MUSHY MUSHY. I'll stop because I'm lame, but it's not often I write like this! (that and the fact that I'm a TERRIBLE writer!! ha ha …see this is why I draw, to let my ideas about life out!). we are totally planning an ugly christmas sweater party!! You guys should do the same with your friends! It looks like it will be tons of fun! x')

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