Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just look up

"Don't ever let what you have (like money/success) get to you...because those things come and go and they don't matter. What's important is to always be nice to everyone and you'll see" -Dad.
I had a nice conversation with my dad, which is rare because I do not live with him and see him once and while at work. hah...he doesn't know how meaningful what he says can be for me.

Urh...idk. but like...i appreciate all the support I have online. I really mean it. People I don't personally know...supporting me..miles away...it's almost surreal, but so beautiful. And I'll do just the same
well i don't know what I'm saying so have some toshi instead. which is basically the same thing LOL

WIP! For the 30 Gintama Countdown on LJ/Tumblr. The person who created it was so nice she allowed me to join without having one of those acccounts! :D