Monday, April 12, 2010

Brotherly love, indeed.

...mes sincères condoléances au peuple polonais. :( c'est affreux. [pardon, j'nai pas de dessin pour commémorer cette tragédie]

So I bumped into my brother at the bus stop today. LOL
"Wooowww how shit is that you have to work on a sunday afternoon?"
"AJUDFIO this is what people who aren't hobos DO."
"Yep, I only got one more exam and I'm DONE. Have fuunnn"
"..I hate you"
LOL he's great. really

and viva cops randomly come on the bus to check if your ticket. We usually don't pay. LOL I pay when I go to school but when I go to work because it's much too expensive that way.